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Apple Core Web Design, L.L.C.
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Depending on your needs, I offer two different options:

First is a "basic" option, which provides hosting, design, and maintenance with basic options in terms of fonts, colors, layouts, etc.  This is usually the best option for individuals.  Please click here to view some basic package examples.

There is also an "advanced" option, which provides hosting, design, and maintenance.  However, fonts, colors, layouts, images, etc. are virtually unlimited.  You can get e-mail addresses associated with the website, and E-Commerce is an option.  This is the best option for small businesses.  Please click here to view some advanced package examples.

  • Numerous packages are offered within each option above, and as a result, rates vary.  Also, depending on your technology expertise and/or your available time to update the website, you can cut down on hourly rate costs.
  • For a monthly rate, we can setup and/or manage a new or exisiting website.  Our websites have a virtually unlimited number of pages and disk space, however, in extreme cases, rates will vary. 
  • When working with customers,  we pride ourselves on open and easy communication. We will give personal cell phone numbers and e-mail so that we can respond and update your website before the day is through. 
  • Please contact us here or go to our contact page if you have any other questions.  Thanks for visiting!   

AppleCoreWebDesign, L.L.C.
Locust Grove, VA 22701

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