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AppleCoreWebDesign at the BIE Day (August 2012)

While completing my Master's Degree in 2002, I decided to create a website to showcase all of the things I learned in graduate and undergraduate school.  In May 2003, I was hired as a third grade teacher in Virginia.  I continued to build that same website into a classroom website that had over 200,000 visitors, ranging from Australia to my own community.

After ten years teaching third grade, I switched teaching roles and became an ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher). Now, I teach classroom teachers how to utilize technology in lessons.  

I decided to create my own business in August 2012 in order to branch out with web design for friends of mine who were not tech-saavy.  This was convenient for me on for evenings, weekends and summers.  During my (near) decade in the business, I have designed and maintained over 30 websites, ranging from class websites, to SWAT Training, bath bombs, a winery site, dog sitting, septic systems, and even an Pennsylvania town's website.  In short, there's not a site I can't build.

With that being said, any website requests and communication made during the school year will be punctual, but depending on the time of year, may be delayed.  However, I still promise that it will not take longer than one day to get back to you, guaranteed.  

AppleCoreWebDesign, L.L.C.
Locust Grove, VA 22701

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